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As the machines where meflex products are deployed become more and more complex, the control systems installed in them are often more complex as well. Mechatronic systems from meflex use Hall-effect sensors to register the motion of a typical type of control and output electronic signals.

Z40e control lever

Z40e control lever

The Z40e control lever is a mechanical/electronic variant of the Z40 control lever that has proven to be very durable. The Z40e control lever is designed as a throttle control lever and can be used for all types of machinery in the construction industry. Signals are registered based on the Hall effect, with no contact and no wear. Signals are transmitted via a three-conductor cable with a flexible protective cover and cable screw connection to seal off the interfaces. The control motions are initiated by the driver via a sturdy mechanism, just like the Z40 control lever. But they are not passed along mechanically by the Z40e control lever. Rather, they are captured by a sensor and transmitted to the machine control unit as an analog signal. The maximum pivot angle of the lever is ±40°. Upon request, any number of positions can be provided with friction index points. The Z40e control lever is characterized by a small, compact form factor.
ZKe control lever

ZKe control lever

The extremely robust gear-rack-based ZK control lever from has been developed by meflex into a mechanical/electronic variant: the meflex ZKe control lever. The versatile application options, such as a throttle control lever, drive control, or drum actuator in mobile concrete mixers, make the ZKe stand out. Signals are captured using the Hall effect, with no wear and no contact. The signal is transmitted via a three-conductor cable. It is secured by a flexible protective sleeve and sealed off by cable screw connection at the interfaces. Unlike the ZK control lever, the control motions are captured by a sensor and transmitted to the machine controller as an analog signal. Equipment options, such as any number of positions with friction index points in the center position or as needed, and the freely selectable function of the button with an on and off signal on the control handle, can be implemented as needed for the customer. The maximum pivot angle of the lever is ±40°.
Control lever 4e

Control lever 4e

The meflex control lever 4e is very well suited as a drive control for drum compactors, for example. With defined positions for neutral and brake settings and end stops for forward and reverse, which can also be detected by proximity switches if desired, reliable operation with clearly defined feedback is ensured. The lever position is captured via a Hall-effect sensor with no contact, and is output as an analog voltage signal.
Electronic joystick

Electronic joystick

The electronic joystick (EJS) has a modular design that ranges from a single-axis drive controller to a 360° pivoting joystick. Depending on the design of the control lever, any number of indexes and adjustable self-blocking points can be selected. The maximum pivot angle in both axes is ± 20°. The optional equipment includes a redundant sensor signal, additional buttons, and additional customer-specific designs such as special handle grips. Additional equipment options can be provided on request.
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