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Remote controls

meflex remote controls are very good at transmitting pull and push forces in three dimensions. With a range of actuation models of varying strength, and a plethora of end use devices, all sorts of connections are possible. meflex actuators are the ideal solution for a wide variety of fields. Remote controls of up to 30 meters in length can be implemented without difficulty.

Control cables

  • Push/pull actuators and cable pulls
  • Maintenance-free
  • For very high push and pull forces
  • Transmission lengths of up to 30 meters
  • Very good slip properties and high efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility with simple, three-dimensional routing
  • Strokes of up to 300 mm are possible
  • Suitable for very large changes in temperature
  • Temperature ranges from -40°C to over 150°C
  • Resistance to problematic environments available (e.g. seawater)
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About us

The combination of personal attention and expert ideas is what makes our company unique in the world. This is what has made meflex the market leader in mechanically flexible remote control systems, control lever units, foot pedals, and individualized customer components.

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