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Mechatronic / Electronic Foot Pedals

As an alternative to the mechanical foot pedal, we also offer sensor pedals customized to meet customers’ needs. Whether installed on the floor or hanging, we will draft a customer-specific solution for you, develop it, and produce your pedal.

We use Hall-effect sensors from various manufacturers in our foot pedals, following the requests of our customers.



  • Standing or hanging pedal
  • Manufactured to customer requests (for installation in machinery)
  • Pedal plate:
    • long or short
    • steel sheet metal (perforated or nubby) or GFRP
    • Galvanized or coated
    • With or without rubber cover
  • Choice of sensors from various manufacturers
  • Choice of connectors from various manufacturers
  • CAN-BUS connection available
  • Preassembly up to complete modules available
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The combination of personal attention and expert ideas is what makes our company unique in the world. This is what has made meflex the market leader in mechanically flexible remote control systems, control lever units, foot pedals, and individualized customer components.

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