Individual designs

Assembly Units

Because meflex transmitters and actuators are ideally matched, these products are also available as complete systems. They can also be fully installed in panels, steering wheels, or the like.


Seat brackets

Seat brackets for construction machinery and small and medium tandem rollers, including throttle control lever, one or two-hand drive lever actuation, with seat rails and seat slides as options.


Safety towing bars

Towing bars for hand-steered rollers or plates, including throttle control lever and integrated safety controls (deadman switch).


Armrest adjuster

Armrest adjusters with seat pan for any type of seat, for optimally positioning the operator control unit.

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About us

The combination of personal attention and expert ideas is what makes our company unique in the world. This is what has made meflex the market leader in mechanically flexible remote control systems, control lever units, foot pedals, and individualized customer components.

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